This was our very first online i-Tree tool, launched in May of 2009! i-Tree software has changed a lot since then, but most importantly the science has continued to evolve as well. Now, the best USDA Forest Service science concerning tree benefits can be found at Please visit our website and explore other i-Tree tools.
Understanding This Tool:

When we launched it, the National Tree Benefit Calculator allowed anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits individual street-side trees provide. This tool was based on a street tree assessment tool called i-Tree Streets, which itself is no longer supported. With inputs of location, species and tree size, users were provided with an understanding of the environmental and economic value trees provide on an annual basis.

The Tree Benefit Calculator was intended to be simple and accessible. As such, this tool was considered a starting point for understanding trees’ value in the community, rather than a scientific accounting of precise values.

i-Tree has expanded greatly since its inception in 2006 and the science has been updated numerous times. For more detailed information on urban and community forest assessments, visit the i-Tree website.

National Tree Benefit Calculator

To calculate the ecosystem services of
individual trees,
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i-Tree Design where you can also
map building footprints to
better calculate energy benefits.

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MyTree - the easiest of all i-Tree tools!

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The National Tree Benefit Calculator was conceived and developed by
Casey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co.